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The Ephedra Debate

A discussion of whether the natural diet drug Ephedra can be considered dangerous.

This paper examines the product Ephedra which, in its natural form and as ephedrine, a manufactured synthetics form, raises the body’s metabolic rate. The product is a natural aid to stimulate energy expenditures while helping to decrease caloric intake. The purpose of this paper is to invite and initiate calm and thorough research regarding the effects of Ephedra since the positive effects of the herbal compound have been distorted by the process of « stacking » if with other metabolism enhancement supplements. Outline Introduction http://studyscanner.com/edubirdie/ The Current Popular Usage of Diet Aids in America America’s Diet Consciousness Government Oversight and the 1994 DHSEA Act. Types of Diet Aides and How They Work Background and Significance of the Herbal Supplement Studies on Herbal Supplements The Heart of the Ephedra Debate Purpose of the Study Literature Review Ephedra’s Introduction to the Market Current Modern Usage Products Containing Ephedra Current Product Warnings The Standard Process for Drug review and Approval Current Government Actions Current Research Data Early Experimentation ECDS Conclusions and Recommendations

Obesity is one of our nation’s foremost health problems and is directly link to numerous other diseases, including heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. These conditions write an essay win a car are directly linked to rising health care costs. These diseases and conditions also affect our gross domestic product in so mush as they created lost time from work. Drs. Roland Sturm and Kenneth Wells also studied our national obesity epidemic and discovered that the health risks associated with obesity are greater than those associated with smoking, drinking or poverty. According to the study, the findings suggest that weight reduction should be an urgent public health priority.

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